King's Son Productions envisions, produces, shoots, edits, and creates high quality visuals ranging from cinematic music videos and short films to feature-length films and beyond. King’s Son Productions lives up to its full-service promise by bringing projects from inception to fruition. It encompasses production,budgeting, casting, and more, literally functioning as a self-contained one-stop shop.


At the heart of the company, its founder, Michael “Prince” Jackson aims to enable creative people across art forms to realize their dreams. He focuses on linking like-minded individuals in an effort to foster the creation of timeless art across the spectrum. The ideology extends to students and professionals alike building on that undying spirit and urge to create. It’s as much about the dreams as it is the art for “Prince.”


“Automatic” for Omer “O-Bee” Bhatti marks the first of many productions on the horizon from King’s Son Productions.




In early 2016, producer, writer, humanitarian, and student Michael “Prince” Jackson envisioned creating an all-encompassing production company, spanning music videos, short films, and eventually feature films. As a result, King’s Son Productions was born. In between completing his freshmen year at Loyola-Marymount, he built the company inspired by a lifelong love for movies and music videos ignited and fostered by his late legendary father, Michael Jackson.